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This is the ultimate word clan dictionary for the Navajo language. "Navajo Clans" is a Android mobile device application that contains 80 Navajo clans. At a touch of a finger, you can easily find Navajo clans by searching the English word counterpart. As a 100% Navajo citizen, I am providing all Navajo clans that i have learned growing up on the Navajo reservation. As such, all Navajo clans provided in this application are authentic and commonly known by the Navajo people.

Data includes:

Search Features:

As a user friendly option, the "Navajo Clans" application provides sound files. The sound file is provided for every Navajo clan that allows the user to hear the Navajo clan being spoken.

The goal of "Navajo Clans" is to provide correct, accurate and common Navajo clans to everyone interested in learning and preserving the Navajo clan language. This application is the perfect educational learning tool for anyone interested in learning the most valuable artifact to the Navajo people.

We continue to update our word database daily to provide more words and to assure up-to-date information.

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